Who we are

Vaishnavi Constructions is part of the Prakash Group has been in the business of “building” relationships and structures since 1966. Born into a family of coffee planters in the green country of Coorg (Kodagu district), Karnataka State, C.P. Prakash, decided to diversify in to real estate at a very early stage. What started off as a hobby during his college days in Mysore became a full time business for founder C.P. Prakash. The has investments and projects in Coorg, Mysore, Yelahanka, Hosur (Tamil Nadu) and the garden city of Bangalore.

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Vaishnavi Constructions


Why Vaishnavi Constructions?


means more to us than anything. Regardless of the line of business, we firmly believe that trust is an essential component of any business relationship.


is our number 1 priority. We understand that investments in real estate are typically investment for the long term and are very important decisions that families make.

On time delivery

We have a record for providing on time delivery of our construction and other projects.


We have a policy of zero cost escalation. Prior to our construction a lot of time is spent planning our projects and take in to consideration various factors while pricing and making a commitment to our customers.

Focus on customer

We do not consider our job done by just selling you an apartment. We help identify the right loans for you based on your needs and accommodate our customers changes at minimum charge.


Project Completed


Staff Members






  • “Vaishnavi Constructions is a small developer – but they deliver on quality. I bought with them because of the clear quality titles that they offer”


  • “This is the 2nd apartment I have bought with this company. I bought my first one early in my career – and when i wanted to upgrade to a larger unit, went back to them. Clear title and on time delivery is what prompted me to buy with Mr. Prakash”